Cat Tales

…She could fit in the palm of my hand and weighed less than a wallet or set of keys. Her eyes were so crusted with thick discharge I couldn’t peel them open and she had clearly been starved for days. She was suffering. I immediately gave the order to euthanize her but at that very moment, to our surprise, she blindly crawled to her food dish and began to eat. My tech looked at me for reassurance. “Yes,” I repeated. “Let her go.”

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About the Club

The Kathy Anderson Kitty Club will enable American Humane Association to take vital steps needed to ensure the health and welfare of cats. Our goals are to save the lives of homeless cats and help them find forever homes through adoption; rescue cats affected by natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes and reunite them with their families; and provide funding for surgery and rehabilitation of injured and abused cats taken in by shelters.

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