Keeping Yourself Safe Around Dogs

Here are a few simple guidelines you should follow to protect yourself from dog bites.

Treat dogs and other animals with respect.
That includes never, ever making a dog growl, bark, lunge, or otherwise act aggressive.

Donít chase dogs or encourage them to chase you.
Dogs donít know limits and playtime could get too rough.

Avoid strange dogs.
Some dogs bite out of fear. If they donít know you they might bite to protect themselves or their territory. Never go onto someone elseís property or approach a strange animal to pet him.

Ask before petting a neighborís dogóeven if you know the dog well. 
The dog could have an injury and your gentle pat on that exact spot could hurt or startle him, causing him to bite.

Donít run and scream around dogs.
Quick movements and high-pitched squeals can frighten or over-excite a dog, causing him to bite.

Respect a dogís privacy. 
Never bother a dog when heís eating or in his crate, special room, or favorite spot in the house.

Donít stare at a dog.
To dogs, staring is a threat and they may react aggressively towards you.

Keeping Yourself Safe Around Dogs

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