Ways to Help Animals in Your Neighborhood

Create space in your yard for wildlife. 
Ask your parents to help you plant shrubs and trees in your backyard that provide food and shelter for birds and other critters.

Attract winged wildlife to your yard.
Help your parents put a bird feeder and bird bath in your yard during the winter when food and water are more scarce. Create a hummingbird or butterfly garden to attract these winged creatures. Learn about the colors and smells that attract these creatures to your yard.

Observe nature.
Watch what happens to animals and their environment during the changing seasons. Birds, for example, build nests in the spring, feed and protect their young during the summer, and often migrate south in the fall for the winter.

Compost pile.
Save kitchen scraps for the compost pile. Put leftover vegetables, coffee grinds, and eggshells on your compost pile to create rich soil that plants and animals will want to live in. Make sure you have an established compost pile in your yard before you do this. If you don't, ask a parent to help you start one.

Ask your parents not to use harmful chemicals in your garden or home.

Think humane.
Ask your parents to use humane traps that donít kill unwanted animals, like mice.

Save water.
Turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth and use water-saving devices on your toilets, taps, and showerheads

Ask your parents to buy products and goods without extra packaging. Extra packaging takes up more space in landfills and reduces habitat areas for wildlife.

Donít throw things away; give them away. Recycle your toys, books, and games by donating them to a hospital, daycare nursery school, or childrenís charity.

Recycle everything ó newspapers, cans, glass, aluminum foil and pans, motor oil, scrap metal.

Be a responsible pet owner.
Spay or neuter your companion animals and keep an identification tag on them so if they get lost they can be returned to you. Also, make sure your pets get vaccinations each year.

Make your pet a part of the family. Make time everyday to play with your pets.

Even More Ways to Help

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