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November 2009
Soaked With Gasoline, Set Ablaze and Left to Die

It’s hard to believe that someone could heartlessly douse a helpless animal in gasoline and then set him on fire.

But that is exactly what happened to poor Hadley, an 18-month-old cat who tragically crossed paths with the wrong person while he was wandering his neighborhood in Kent County, Mich.

Hadley’s owners were horrified when their pet, who frequently spent time outdoors, somehow found his way home covered in third-degree burns. Raw, exposed flesh marred his ears, neck, legs and back, where large chunks of once-beautiful orange fur were completely gone. We can only imagine how much pain he must have been in!

Unfortunately, no one knows who perpetrated this malicious act. Authorities hunted for suspects, but were unable to find any. Meanwhile, Hadley’s family couldn’t afford the suffering cat’s expensive medical care. Desperate to ensure that he received help, they relinquished Hadley to a local animal shelter.

Hadley’s Second Chance

With the help of caring donors like you, American Humane was able to help cover the cost of Hadley’s medical treatment by providing a grant to the animal shelter where he was staying. The brave little cat remained in intensive care for several weeks, but is now on the road to recovery! Soon, he will be ready for adoption into a new, loving home.

Hadley is just one of many beneficiaries of our Second Chance® Fund, which provides funding to help animal shelters rehabilitate abused and neglected pets.

Please donate today to give other homeless pets a much-deserved second chance!

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