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Animal Emergency
Disaster Alert: Animals suffering in
storm-ravaged South

A woman huddles in the wreckage of her home and watches helplessly as ferocious winds lift her German shepherd into the air and out of sight.
In the wake of the destructive storms that ripped through the southern United States, people are hurting — and so are their animals. At American Humane Association, our thoughts are with all of the victims, both human and animal, who are suffering from this tragedy.

We are busy making preparations to help the animal victims of the storms in the South.
Our Red Star Animal Emergency Services™ team — which has a nearly century-long legacy of animal relief — is reaching out and offering support for local organizations and agencies in many southern states. Our emergency responders are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to provide rescue, sheltering and care to these innocent animal victims.

What can you do to help?
Make a donation to support our Red Star team, as we reach out to animal victims in their time of need.

Days later, the traumatized German shepherd is rescued and reunited with his grateful family. It’s a happy-ending movie scene of long-lost loved ones, reunited.
Please, give what you can to help animal victims of disaster find their happy ending.

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Help animal victims of the southern storms and other disasters.

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*Photo is representative, not actual individuals mentioned here.
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