Dear Friend,

Let’s face it: Not a day goes by that couldn’t be improved by a tiny, adorable ball of fluff that will grow up to play with us, protect us, and give us passionate kisses, undying loyalty, and every last ounce of their sweet love.

So it’s well worth it, once a year, to celebrate the youngest of our best friends on National Puppy Day. American Humane works year-round to rescue thousands of puppies (and kittens, too!) when they need us most – following hurricanes, floods, and (as unthinkable as it is) abandonment and cruelty cases. Fact is, millions of lovable and adoptable puppies, kittens and older dogs are relinquished to shelters every year, where they wait for their forever homes.

Puppies (of all ages) need someone to love. For National Puppy Day, why not help American Humane continue our lifesaving work or stop by your local shelter and find your own best friend?

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